About Me

I'm a cat lover, wildlife lover, marathon running enthusiast, work as IT Engineer and travel a lot.

I've had Plantar Fasciitis for about 18 months, during which I tried exercise, medication, splint and tapes with countless visits to the doc hoping relief from agonizing pain. Finally it got to the stage that I couldn't walk without support for more than 2 min.

The pain got so bad I had to cancel the most crucial client meeting of my life as I literally collapsed with pain on way. The killing pain put my career on hold
and ruined the quality of my life, I was always upset, thinking, "when is this gonna end ?". I went under the knife for expensive surgery only for the pain to resurface after a month. The impact on my 4 year old daughter has been worse as I could not attend to her needs at crucial times...

Being hopeless was a curse for a purposeful guy like myself.

Then I discovered a natural solution that has helped me get into peak condition and rid myself of risky and expensive prescriptions forever..


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