What is Plantar Fasciitis - 2 Minute Guide

What is plantar fasciitis and what causes it? What are the symptoms while running, walking, standing or simply sitting? What can you do about it? This brief article answers these question and gives most important information that you can use to make the right decision.

What are Causes symptoms Treatment of Plantar fasciitis

2-Minute Guide: What is Plantar Fasciitis ?

It is related to a variety of foot pains (heel pain, to be precise) and mostly effects people who have jobs that require long hours of standing or activities involving extra stress on feet like running, dancing or nursing. I have prepared these simple pictures (savvy term: infographics) to give you basic understanding of Plantar Fasciitis in just 2-minutes. 

Once you have gone through these beginner slides (below) about Plantar Fasciitis, you can grab your free gift on the other page here. It is a brief, 15-page ebook created for basic understanding of plantar fasciitis in simple English, not using medical terms. The ebook gives you a clear roadmap to go about plantar fasciitis treatment. It lays a good foundation before you speak with a medical expert/podiatric.

You can use this information to decide upon future course of action, suggestions towards which I have given in my last slide. Use Previous and Next to move between slides (total 5).

So here you go.

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I must emphasis that above information is purely for your basic knowledge, to serve as a foundation before you seek expert advice about Plantar Fasciitis. Seeking expert medical advice is always your best option. I highly recommend you must decide your next course of action sooner than later. If you have a problem, resolve before it snowballs.

I hope my effort will prove fruitful in saving your time and give you best possible guidance in dealing with your foot problems.

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